Episode 21 - Charlie Harrison

Episode 21 - Charlie Harrison

Time to grow

Show notes

On this episode of the podcast I sit down with one of my favourite people in the world Charlie Harrison. Charlie and myself along with rest of the world have gone through quite a different year then we’re used to, both of heading to Europe but getting our trips cut short due to the pandemic and injury. From those lows and the extra time it’s given us we’ve both used that time to educate ourselves and also view the world through a different lens and can now see the positives in everything that’s happened.

Just a little side note, I mentions a certain rider during the podcast and how from my point of view the product they’re using could be more sustainable, this is by no means a sub at the company or rider and just an example of something I have recently seen. Across the board I think we all need to be more sustainable and take better care of this earth we all love.

Thanks Chuck!




Charlie Harrison

Charlie Harrison

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