Episode 43 - Elias Schwaerzler // Anything is Possible

Episode 43 - Elias Schwaerzler // Anything is Possible

Show notes

Podcasts like this are the reason I like creating them so much and continue to do so, when I am truly inspired and motivated by another human being due to their ethos and outlook on life that’s when I know I’m in the right place, doing the right things.

I only met Elias Schwarzler a couple days before recording this interview at the Scott athlete summit in Aosta Italy, straight away though we hit it off on a range of different topics and also shared a very similar outlook on life and creativity.

We both share the passion for pushing limits and stepping outside of our comfort zone, this is quite easy to understand when you see Elias has set the world record for the fastest man on a stock mountain bike, assisted by a motorcycle with a speed of 272km/h.

Elias is a person that likes to link outside the box and push what he thinks is humanly possible along the way.

Hope you enjoy the chat and I hope it motivates you to push past what you think you’re capable of.

Here are the links to some of Elias’s best videos:





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