Episode 54 - Don't Let Good Get In The Way Of Great

Episode 54 - Don't Let Good Get In The Way Of Great

Show notes

A podcast I recorded as I was traveling up the east coast in my van making my way to my new home in Palm Beach.

It’s amazing to me the amount of people that message me saying “they wish they could do what I’m doing.” This always trips me out a little as I believe what I’m doing isn’t that far out of the ordinary, I’m just traveling solo through this country making new friends and catching up with old ones along the way, I think this something we should all do more of, step outside our comfort zone and really experience life to its fullest.

We never know when everything will change and how long for, so stop what you’re doing and take a big breath, think about what you want out of this life and then go into it headfirst!





Dean Lucas

Dean Lucas

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