Episode 11 - Ethan Stothers

Episode 11 - Ethan Stothers

Good Energy Always

Show notes

Today on the podcast Iv decided to go a little bit of a different direction and talk with someone that has no background in mountain biking but has an amazing outlook on life.

This will still be a mountain bike focused podcast but I’d also like to branch out to other people outside of the industry that I really enjoy talking with.

Ethan Stothers is a good friend of mine from Newcastle that I met through my old team mate Jack Moir. Ethan and I first made contact with each through dumb Instagram comments and then first met at the 2017 world champs in Cairns were we hit it off straight away. Ever since then every time we get together we always seem to have really good in-depth talk so I thought why not have one of those chats on the podcast.




Ethan Stothers

Ethan Stothers

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