Episode 25 - Josh Carlson

Episode 25 - Josh Carlson

Being present

Show notes

On this episode of the podcast I sit down with the absolute legend Josh Carlson.

From starting out following in his father footsteps chasing the dream of becoming a professional motocross racer in his early years to then making a huge shift over to XC racing and picking up his entire life to travel to the US and Canada to compete to now being one of the top enduro athletes to come out of Australia.

Josh how sets himself a new challenge of take on the world of ebike racing and is set to compete in enduro and xc races across the globe to see how he stacks up against the best in the world.

We also touch on how powerful changing your mindset is when approaching a race weekend and how the impact of that can flow over into your everyday life.

Thanks for listening, enjoy!



Josh Carlson

Josh Carlson

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