Episode 20 - Mitch Smith

Episode 20 - Mitch Smith

Show notes

On this episode of the podcast I sit down with Mitch Smith.

Mitch and myself have been friends for a while now but iv only ever scratched the surface on his past accolades, current projects and future plans until a series of some would say unlucky events led me to start living a few minutes from his house.

Since then iv had the opportunity to get to know Mitch on a new level with talks at his restaurant Stockpot in Mt Beauty to him helping me coat a frame of mine now that’s he’s started a new coating business 74works.

We also go into Mitches past ski history and the roll he played in coaching up at Falls Creek. As a whole this has been one of my favour podcast to date, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Enjoy.



Mitch Smith

Mitch Smith

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